Meet Harvard Law School Professor Heidi Gardner presenting her new book: "Smarter Collaboration: A New Approach to Breaking Down Barriers and Transforming Work". 

We need a new approach for solving tough problems in a complex world — we need to collaborate smarter.

In her bestselling first book, Smart Collaboration, Harvard collaboration expert Heidi Gardner shows how organizations earn higher margins, inspire greater customer loyalty, produce more innovative work, and attract and retain the best talent when experts engage in Smart Collaboration across boundaries.

In ‘Smarter Collaboration’, she teams up with senior executive, Ivan Matviak, to help any organization implement the principles of smart collaboration with advice on how to execute on the ideas and avoid the potential pitfalls.

Join us at this event where Gardner shares key research findings and insights from her new book followed by a debate with managing partner at Horten, Christian Gregersen, on how these insights and collaboration ideas can be applied to real work environments and the top global challenges companies are facing – including sustainability requirements.

Smarter Collaboration

Market volatility. Sustainability demands. Hybrid working. Opportunities and hazards of fast-changing technology and regulations. Companies and nonprofits face more daunting challenges than ever. How can we collaborate in our organizations - and with outside partners - to solve problems, innovate, and succeed?

Smarter Collaboration offers groundbreaking solutions. This book lays out a pragmatic action plan blending rich stories, new empirical research, and loads of practical advice to help companies thrive by collaborating more effectively. As Harvard professor Heidi K. Gardner and senior executive Ivan A. Matviak show, firms that collaborate smarter consistently generate higher revenues and profits, boost innovation, strengthen client relationships, and attract and retain better talent. In this successor to Gardner's bestselling first book, Smart Collaboration, the authors expand their mandate, illustrating the fundamental dynamics of collaborating well across industries like financial services, health care, biotech/pharma, consumer products, automotive, and technology.

Based on their research with thousands of executives from around the world, they share deep insights on how to implement smarter collaboration and avoid the potential pitfalls. They also help leaders troubleshoot thorny challenges like misaligned incentives, collaboration overload, and unintended consequences on diversity and inclusion. Complete with how-tos and cases, the book concludes with inspiring examples of groups harnessing smarter collaboration to tackle society's biggest challenges such as saving the oceans, eradicating diseases, and tackling global warming.

Smarter Collaboration is the essential guide for forward-thinking leaders to transform their organizations, reshape the way they work, and increase impact and success.

About the author

Heidi K. Gardner is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School and a former professor at Harvard Business School. Previously a McKinsey consultant and Fulbright Fellow, she is the author of Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos, a Washington Post bestseller. She was named by Thinkers50 as a Next Generation Business Guru and is the cofounder of both the research and advisory firm Gardner & Co and Smart Collaboration International.

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